“What Kinds of Videos Do You Do?”

“What Kinds of Videos Do You Do?”

by Karen Gill-Pennington

The question I most often find myself awkwardly trying to answer is “What kinds of videos do you do?” which in all reality usually means the person is asking, “What kind of video should I consider for my company?” That’s a very difficult question to answer quickly, so my response, unfortunately, usually sounds something like this.

“Well, we do a lot of animation, and corporate videos. But we don’t do wedding videos or bar mitzvahs.” You’ll see that I’ve given hardly any information other than what we don’t do. I don’t want to insult those that do wedding and bar mitzvah videos, but that’s a very different world and I find it important to separate ourselves from that type of filmmaking. 

So what kinds of videos DO we make? Rather than just telling you, let me also show you. Then, next time I’m asked that question, I can give a much better answer…hopefully.

While we do actually produce a lot of animated videos, we also do a fair amount of live action. Within these categories, you’ll find some of each.

Recruiting Videos

Recruiting videos can include trying to get people to come to your event, to join in a contest or to apply for a position at your company.





Commercials no longer are limited to TV spots (although we do those!), and can include marketing pieces for your website, as an online ad (think Facebook, YouTube and Twitter), to play at an event or for a tradeshow booth.




Testimonials and Spokesperson Videos

Testimonials are often short interviews of customers that give their brief thoughts about your company for you to then use on your website, and on social media. They usually speak to someone off camera to tell why they love and recommend your company. Sometimes testimonials will be included as part of a larger narrative. (See more about Narrative Pieces below.)

Spokesperson videos are very similar except that the person talking is usually a leader at your company talking about what makes your business special. They may talk to someone off camera as in an interview, or they may talk directly to the audience by looking at the camera.



Narrative Pieces and Case Studies

Narrative videos and Case Studies each have a goal of telling a story. Oftentimes the Narrative stories are told more by visuals and perhaps a voiceover, whereas the case studies are generally driven by interviews with key people at the company or key clients for the business. Although they can each incorporate components of the other. Narrative videos can also include documentaries, short films and feature length films.



Training Videos and Product Demonstrations

These are pretty self explanatory, but they can include step by step guides to your products, training courses for employees, or demos to encourage sales.

Sometimes these videos are used for marketing and other times they are used to train or refresh the knowledge of those already employed by your company.

Unfortunately, most of our training videos and product demos cannot be shown publicly, but we can share private links if you’d like to see some examples.


If you’d like to sample more of our work, check out Our Work page.
You can also visit our Vimeo profile to see some of our short films.
Also, don’t hesitate to contact us directly here.

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