Our Values



Find Adventure

We’re committed to telling good stories, whether we must search in our own backyard or set off for uncharted destinations. In any arena, we find the heart and adventure in our work. It makes the journey so much richer and the end result that much more rewarding.


Give Back

“Do Unto Others” also means doing work that matters. We strive to do our part in business and in our world at large; to pay it forward. We frequently work with nonprofit organizations (i.e. JFGH, Rukundo International) to contribute to their charitable causes and help others.



Aim High

At DUO, we don’t settle for anything less than our best. We strive to push ourselves, whatever the parameters. We work within our means, but always find creative approaches to aim high and do the greatest work we can, while also seeking to learn and grow along the way.


Laugh Often

Video production is our passion. We consider ourselves fortunate to do work that we love and that enthusiasm comes out in our day to day; in meetings, on set, and in the edit suite.  We take our work seriously, but we also enjoy it and we think it should be expressed!


Get Personal

Clients often say that they want to hang out with us. Our enjoyment for our work shows in the final products, but it’s also demonstrated in our process. We value a good relationship and ensure that you’re not just another client, but a part of the team who we care about.


Have a Beer

A job well done deserves a toast. As Brian is a home brewer, this value is literal and figurative. Our identity extends beyond the set and editing suite; when an accomplishment has been earned, we stop, take a moment and celebrate.   Cheers!