Magic happens in Post-Production. This is the stage in which all of the raw footage comes together into a polished product. The editors work to first bring together a rough cut that addresses the general flow of the video. They then work on the fine editing, tweaking the transitions, adding music and narration, color correcting the footage to give the image that “special look,” and adding text, graphics and animations as necessary. ADR (additional dialog recording) and Foley (added sound effects) “sweeten” the audio track.



This phase also focuses on distribution. Who will see it and where? Is this a web video? Will it stream from a company site or on social media? Will it be embedded in a company newsletter? What are the bandwidth considerations? Will it be presented on DVD or Blu-Ray? Will it screen on a large display, or perhaps even at a theater?

Post-production is all about making the video the best it can be.

Post-Production Services Include:

  • Video Editing
  • Text and Graphics Design
  • Special Effects
  • Music Selection / Creation
  • VO/narration
  • ADR and Foley recording
  • Video Compressing Encoding
  • Video Distribution

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