Lucky 13

A Spotlight on DUO Media Productions

Original article featured in the TIVA-DC Newsletter (Fall 2019)


DUO Team at the 72 Fest 2019

Who says 13 has to be an unlucky number? At DUO, we are pushing through our thirteenth year, and things have never been better. We’ve come a long way from our modest beginnings in 2007 when we had no project experience to share and half our leadership was transitioning from IT careers. As we first joined TIVA at the GVExpo, they were just coming out of reorganization from TIVA.

Fast forward to November 2018 as we began our thirteenth year, and acquired our first office space. Our home studios were bursting at the seams, so we gambled on a historic space at Everedy Square in downtown Frederick. DUO’s business dynamic greatly improved as we have room to spread out in a creative environment, a conference area to hold brainstorming sessions and meet with clients, and even enough space to stage in-house video shoots.

We continue strong relationships with our clients. It’s not just about a one-off project, but rather, we get to know them and their families, and consider many of them friends. It’s all about the “Do Unto Others,” of DUO’s name.

Those who run their own businesses know the importance of cash flow, and keeping the hopper full is never easy. This has been DUO’s best year, with no downtimes as we’ve had in past years…


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