Tips for Video Brainstorming

Tips for Video Brainstorming

Interested in video, but have no idea where to start?  Here are some quick tips on how to hone your vision and determine what kind of video you want to make.


  • Your Style. What types of videos, commercials, and advertisements do you like?  We’ve all seen an ad or two that caught our attention, whether it tugged on our heartstrings, made us laugh, or left us speechless from sheer beauty.  Drawing from influences can help you decide how to style your own video.   Is your company’s brand fun-loving or high-concept design?  The more real you can be with your presentation, the more likely viewers and potential clients will invest in you.


  • Release / Distribution. Consider your clientele.  Do you drive interaction through newsletters, direct emails, or are you more active on social media? Examining these can help eliminate extraneous possibilities, allowing you to save time by focusing on what you really want to accomplish. If you’re announcing a new product, or updating your audience on upcoming changes, your video can be more personal and faster-paced. If you need to spice up your website, a professional, introductory style video on your landing page can provide a huge boost.


  •  Animation v. Live Action. Animation and live action are not mutually exclusive, nor are they necessarily determined by industry.  Documentaries often integrate the two, and so can commercials and promos.  Nonprofits may benefit from interviews and b-roll (photos, archive footage, etc), and animation is a brilliant way to convey detailed information, and not just in blurs of text blocks. Take, for example, DUO’s work with SOPA and PIPAWorld Benzodiazepine Awareness Day, and SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals. Color and spectacle, while clear and concise, can be a huge advantage to selling your product or services.



  • Resources and Timing. Think past the budget. Do you have a deadline?  Who can you interview?  To what locations do you have access?  Is your product demonstration-ready?  Do you have expert or client testimonials prepared?  These elements are crucial and impact any production; big or small, commercial video or filmmaking. Knowing the time frame in which you have to plan, produce, and deliver the final product determines the scope and accessibility of your vision. What this hinges on is a good production manager working with the creative team, which includes you and your company.  This is where DUO’s team excels!


For a more extended breakdown of what goes into making a video – specifically, the budget and cost – check out our post: How Much Does A Video Cost? where you can find lots more helpful, in-depth information.


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