How Important Is Video Content On Your Website?

How Important Is Video Content On Your Website?

The value of video content climbs daily, but despite video becoming more common — even necessary — in the business world, it’s remarkable how many websites do not utilize video.  What’s worse, a lot of companies do not realize its full value and so attempt to produce content themselves, which can nearly defeat the purpose.

But why invest in this medium?  Because, when used properly, videos can be one of the sharpest tools at your disposal.  Online content makes up the bulk of our work at DUO, so here are six primary reasons why you should consider adding professionally-produced video video for your website.

1. Drive Traffic

At the end of the day, you want visitors to find your site and video content will significantly increase SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your site.  The stand-by of any marketing tactic is to be remembered and be entertaining; eye-catching content will draw more prospective clients.  Video projects can give you a unique spin, while also keeping a firm eye on your intended clientele.

2. Lookin’ Good

We are a YouTube society; people prefer to watch rather than read, especially when surfing or skimming new sites or potential services, vendors, etc.  Video is compelling (when produced right) and allows you to present you and your company in the best possible light.  In a two-to-three minute video, you can accomplish several things at once: convey who you are, what you do, and what makes you special.   Introduce your team, show off your store (whether online or brick-and-mortar), etc., giving visitors a chance to see past the black and white text and gives you more control over their first impressions.


3. Vivid Testimonials

Client testimonials — a staple for businesses big and small — always benefit a company’s website, but they make a much bigger impression in video form.  With text, it’s often difficult to make properly convey the clients’ feelings, but with video, testimonials capture genuine emotions.  You can actually see those clients taking time out of their day to record their testimonial rather than just constructing a written review.  A real face attaches to the sound bytes and vocal inflection makes those statements come alive.

4. Wider Reach

A video can be shared and posted in places that your website cannot.  This, in turn, becomes a huge component of all your social media; your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., which loops back around to driving traffic.  Using video in this way casts a wider net.  If someone spots your video on social media and it piques their interest, they’ll either proceed to your website for more information — and possibly more video content — or, even better, share and embed your video.  Mobile users can also engage much more effectively with video through apps, rather than an internet browser.

Video can also enhance your company newsletter, prompting more click-throughs and follow ups to your website, growing your subscriber base.

* Note: be sure to include captions!  Remember; most folks scroll through social media with the sound muted.

5. Demonstrate and Train

If you do happen to sell a product, video is priceless because it provides built-in customer support and educates clients.  Even to those without tangible products, however, “how-to” videos are a fantastic asset for any business.  Video allows you to train new staff remotely.  You can produce pieces that explain or demonstrate your services, how your industry works — especially the more obscure it happens to be — and why your role matters.

6. Branding

We’re big on branding here at DUO and conveying your branding is so much more effective through video, whether graphics and animation or incorporated with live-action footage.

Additional key points:

  • “Brevity is the soul of wit.”  There’s an exception here and there, but generally speaking, you want to keep your message clean and concise for a smoother user experience.   At DUO, we like to say that three minutes is the magic number; a prospective client is far more likely to engage with a 2-3 minute video than, say, a 4-5 minute video…or longer.
  • If you produce more than one video, chances are that visitors will scan through your video content on a first visit or they’ll come looking for a specific topic.  Your videos should be ready to meet those needs.
  • Consider producing videos to promote events and announcements in your business; Show off new products, announce new partnerships, offer deals, promote fundraisers, grand openings, meet-and-greets…it all comes out much stronger in video.  For events, attendees — confirmed and pending alike — can get a feel for the tone of the event, the dress code, what the space looks like, and, essentially, how invested YOU are, both personally and as a company.  Don’t forget to include directions and parking details!

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