DUO Corner: Holiday Treats!

DUO Corner: Holiday Treats!

We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Holiday season!  One of our favorite aspects of this time of year is the food.  In particular?  Cookies and desserts!  Here are some of our favorites and must-haves of the season…that we continue to enjoy well into the new year!

Peanut Butter Blossoms
These are a big favorite.  Peanut butter cookies with a Hershey’s kiss on top?  What’s not to love?  Hershey’s recipe here.

Sugar Cookies
A longstanding tradition.  The process of baking these is as much of a joy as tasting them.  Cutting the dough shapes and decorating them with sprinkles, nuts, and chocolate chips.  Betty Crocker recipe here.

Classic Pumpkin Roll
Who says pumpkin is a fall-only flavor?  This is a pumpkin sheet cake with cream cheese frosting, rolled into a log. It makes a delectable match to your post-Christmas dinner coffee and stands out at your New Years Eve party.

Gimme Some Oven recipe here.  Also, check out Lovely Little Kitchen’s recipe for a Pumpkin Roll with Maple Cream Cheese Filling.

Pecan Butterballs
These can be made with pecans, walnuts, almonds…take your pick.  These are simple and easy to make, and were a big standout from childhood, and remain delicious in adulthood.

AllRecipes.com’s recipe here.
Variation, as Mexican Wedding Cookies, with Pretty Simple Sweet’s recipe.

Orange Rolls
Whether homemade or from Pillsbury, these are one of our traditions of Christmas morning.
Try a homemade approach with Amy’s Healthy Baking recipe or try the classic Pillsbury Orange Rolls with Orange Icing.

Cherry Thumbprint Cookies
Delicious butter thumbprint cookies with delicious cherry pie filling in the center.  They can also be made with strawberry jam or dark chocolate as a fun alternative.  It’s the perfect holiday cookie!  Shape these cookies into hearts, and they make a delectable treat for Valentine’s Day.

Check out Rachel Ray’s Linzer Cookies recipe and Better Homes & Gardens’ Double Thumbprint Cookies.

What are some of your favorite treats?