Apocalypse Rock Festival Update

Apocalypse Rock Festival Update

We recently surpassed a new milestone with our indie film, Apocalypse Rock; $5,000 raised on our Indiegogo page!

We continue to pour these funds into touring the film.  Since completion, we’ve gotten into over twenty film festivals, and racked up awards at almost all of them.  Most of these fests are well out of our proximity – even international! – but we love attending local ones.  It’s part of why we enjoyed the West Chester Film Festival last year; it meant a bit of a road trip, but a chance to represent the film as a team, network with other filmmakers, and personally accept the award when it won for Best Comedy (check out the highlights from our trip – in Karen’s home state of PA – where we won Best Comedy).

Most recently, Apocalypse Rock was accepted into DC Shorts, as well as Washington West Film Festival, and Gig Harbor Film Festival.



We will continue to submit to more fests and will post updates as acceptances and screenings are announced, but if you’re in the Washington, DC area October 25th–30th, we would love to see you at the Washington West Film Festival!

In the meantime, we will keep sending out DVDs, Blu-rays, and Apocalypse Rock memorabilia as new orders come in.

Have you ordered your copy yet?