The Power of Editing

The Power of Editing

Edit – transitive verb
per Merriam-Webster.com

a to prepare (something, such as literary material) for publication or public presentation
b to assemble (something, such as a moving picture or tape recording) by cutting and rearranging
to alter, adapt, or refine especially to bring about conformity to a standard or to suit a particular purpose


With the abundance of post-production tools and technology at our disposal, it’s easy to forget the subtle craft of editing in its own right.  When you can master programs like AfterEffects, you can create some amazing things (such as Lindsay McCutcheon’s amazing Fan.tasia video from 2016).  However, underneath it all is the fundamental art of editing.

Yesterday, we stumbled onto a blog post from NoFilmSchool, in which they posted a mashup of all the films of 2017, created by Louis Plamondon of Sleepy Skunk.  This video demonstrates the significance and power editing.  Take a look:

As stated in NoFilmSchool’s blog:

Not only is the mashup made up of the best films of the year, it’s also made up of the best parts of the best films of the year. Really, the video is less like a tribute and more like an epic trailer of cinema in 2017, complete with the most dazzling moments, stunning images, and memorable lines from all of the movies that quickened our pulse and had our eyes glued to the screen.


The montage uses only the existing movie clips, music, and spoken lines, removed from context, to set various tones, while also bringing the whole thing together.  2017 had both highs and lows at the box office, but this collection of the year’s films ignites some inspiration and helps us remember the magic of the movies…all with the simple craft of editing.