The DUO Style

The DUO Style

In every aspect of our business, DUO brings a distinct style, manifested across all stages of our work.  What makes us unique?  What sets us apart from our peers?  Here are a few examples:

Embracing Your Brand

Your brand is as much a part of who you are as what you do.  Colors, fonts, overall style and message should consistently embrace your brand.  Production companies often create slick, stylistic, “cool” videos, with little thought to branding.  There may be an occasional dramatic pop of color; a splash of bright red, blue, or neon green.  Catchy, but does it speak to your identity?  Do the titles and lower thirds match your color palette and corporate fonts?  Does the video embrace your suite of marketing materials?  Does it stand alone on its own island?  Does it blend into a general, corporate blur?

At DUO, we embrace your brand as we consider all of the elements of color, fonts, stye and message in developing your video.  In the end, you have a high-quality, professional video that delivers your message and extends the reach of your brand.

Speak from the Heart

Honesty is your best selling point.  While some videos require scripts, others — such as testimonials, PSAs, and documentary-style interviews — thrive on natural discourse and delivery.  As such, when it comes to these types of videos, we strongly advise our clients to not script their responses or rehearse in advance.  Prepare?  Absolutely!  Try bullet points and short, two to three word notes.  This will help you remember what you want to say — without adding the stress of memorizing pages of specific text — and allow you to stay open to improvisation.  At DUO, we work with our clients to prepare interview questions so we are sure to cover those topics that are key to conveying their message.  

So, what can you expect?  Our goal is to make you look good, so we do our best to put you at ease and bring focus away from the camera.  Rather than relying on a script, we’ll leverage the questions provided as a guide, but ultimately, we’ll have a genuine conversation.  We like to have fun and want you to enjoy your moment in the spotlight.  We prompt you to “speak from the heart,” and those responses are often what we use in the final edit.

Travel Light

We consider it highly important to streamline our presence by minimizing the amount of gear we bring.  Our gear tends to be on the more compact, efficient side, so as not to create too big of a footprint in office spaces and other locations.  The lights, audio gear, and all-seeing eye of the camera can be daunting to any on-screen talent, whether timid interviewees or seasoned actors.   We also keep the number of crew members to a minimum; fewer crew members on set reduces distractions and puts the “talent” more at ease. 

Traveling light ultimately allows us to achieve a superior product. We balance what’s needed to capture the best image and sound, both from a gear and crew perspective, while heeding our environment, time, and budget.