The Power of Networking

The Power of Networking

Robin: 3rd from the left / Karen: 8th from the left

No matter the industry, Networking is a vital part of any business.  In 2007, we were a brand-new company with no track record, no clients, and only our talents to market … just as the bottom fell out of the economy. Despite those challenges, we pressed on, joined TIVA-DC, and started building relationships in the community.  Because of this, we learned more about the local production scene, volunteered whenever possible to get our name out there, and started cultivating a positive reputation, networking whenever and wherever we could.  That same year, we made our first business connection at a local Chamber of Commerce event (not Frederick).  As a result, DUO produced short videos for two local builders (one each) honored with the Boy Scouts of America Award: “Character Under Construction.”  That first relationship stands strong to this day and after ten years, we enjoy significant repeat and referral business with a number of clients. We’ve won numerous awards for our corporate as well as our indie film work under Star Wipe Films.  One of DUO’s biggest honors came in 2013 when we screened at the 66th Festival de Cannes with our 48 Hour Film Project, “Welcome to the Neighborhood.”  We appreciate the respect of our peers and enjoy the opportunity to be consulted for our opinion on industry-related concerns.

As such, we were delighted to join the Frederick Chapter of the Chamber of Commerce this year.  Their networking events are beautifully run and we love attending them when we can.  So many of our clients are not local – out of state and even international – that it’s been wonderful to make so many new contacts, right here in the Frederick area.  We’ve especially loved the Business Card Exchanges, early morning “Coffee & Contacts” events, and “Generation Connect” –events specifically made for professionals thirty years old and younger (Brian, Karen, and Robin).

At DUO, we always strive to grow and improve.  We’ll continue to be a team focused on excellence as we pursue new stories to tell, by expanding our network of clients and colleagues.