How to Be a Good Production Assistant (Part 6)

How to Be a Good Production Assistant (Part 6)

In Part 5 of How to be a good Production Assistant, I talked about the unfair and unspoken rule of never sitting down. As I mentioned, it seems kinda cruel but it’s because sitting down gives the posture of “I’m bored” or “I don’t feel like doing anything.” When you’re standing and alert you look ready to go and take care of the necessary tasks. However, even having the right posture doesn’t mean you won’t have plenty of questions, so you shouldn’t be afraid to ask.  That’s what Part 6 is all about!


Ask questions if you’re unsure about something.


But try to keep it short.  Most people understand that as a PA you’re probably still new to the business and might not understand that when the AC asks if you can find him or her another marker, that they actually want a dry erase marker.  So just ask.  It could go something like this.

AC: “Hey can you get me another marker? This one’s dead.”

You: “Does it matter what kind of marker?”

AC: “Oh yes, a dry erase marker.  Not a sharpie.  It’s for marking the slate.”

You: “Any particular color?”

AC: “Black or blue would be best.”

You: “You got it.”

You return with both a black and a blue marker.

You: “Here ya go.  I brought you one of each just in case.”

AC: “Hey thanks!”

You: “Need anything else?”

AC: “No, but let me get your phone number.  I still get calls to be a PA sometimes, so I’d be happy to pass your name along.”


Shazam!  You just got yourself a new friend in the business who may just land you your next job.

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