How Much Does A Video Cost?  (Part 2)

How Much Does A Video Cost? (Part 2)

“How much does a video cost?”

This is Your video is “in the can.”  All that remains is post-production. Not much to consider in terms of cost as it is all the same from video to video, right? 


Let’s look at some typical cost considerations for post-production that can vary significantly from project to project (check out our our list of services for a description of these activities).

Length. How long is the video?  Will it be a one-minute “talking head” video or a feature film? Were the best takes logged so the producer and editor don’t need to review all of the bad footage to get to the good?

Number of cameras and complexity of the shots.  How many cameras were used during the shoot? Was there just one camera that captured the whole piece in a few shots?  Was there just one camera, but many shots were taken from different angles that need to be integrated? Were multiple cameras used and footage from each needs to be integrated?

Voiceover.  Will a voiceover or narration be required? What level of talent is needed?  How long is the VO/narration?

ADR.  Additional Dialog Recording (also referred to as Automated Dialog Replacement) is required when the originally captured dialog is in some way unusable. Perhaps there was construction noise in the background or some pesky summer insects were chirping loudly.

Foley.  Foley are the sound effects that go into a video/film. The sounds you hear in a movie are often not those collected on set.  Is foley required, and if so, how much?

Music.  Will a music track be needed? Will royalty-free music suffice? Are copyrighted pieces going to be used, and if so, what are the licensing costs? Does original music need to be composed?

Color correction and grading. Does the video require color correction? Perhaps there is a need to make the video convey a certain mood through the tweaking of colors?

Computer graphics and special effects. Are computer graphics or special effects needed? These could be relatively simple lower-thirds or complex animations.

Stock photos/footage. Are stock photos and/or footage required? How many are required and at what cost?

Distribution. How will the video be distributed? Will a website need to be developed for both promotional and distribution needs? Will a DVD mailer be required? Will video streaming or other broadcast services be necessary? Will the video need to be encoded/compressed for posting on YouTube or Vimeo?

So, as I conclude this two-part blog on “How much does a video cost?” it is key to remember that this simple question does not have a simple answer.  Each project is different and budgets vary. Working with an experienced production company like DUO will ensure the available funds are leveraged to your best advantage.

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