In addition to the types of videos we do and the services we offer, here at DUO, we regularly receive inquiries regarding our work and process.  Below are answers to some of the most frequent questions.

1. How much does a video cost?

There is no single answer to this question.  Each project is different, budgets vary, and the final cost really depends on the parameters across the three phases of production; concept, creation and distribution.  Every project begins with a consultation to establish the scope of the video.  We ask questions about the subject of your video, location(s), script, talent, delivery date, etc.  These questions help us determine details like how much gear we’ll need and for how long, how many crew members to hire, whether we need props or costumes, whether a voice-over artist is needed, and how much editing time is needed after production wraps.  Once the video is finished, how will it be distributed?  Via email newsletter?  Projected during a business meeting?  Streaming service and/or social media?  All of this trickles down into the price.

As with anything else, the more complex something is, the costlier the investment.  By hiring a company like DUO, we work to ensure you get the most “bang for the buck,” while also getting the knowledge and experience that results in a professional product.

For more information about costs, check out our previous blog post.

2. How long does it take to produce a video?

Like with cost, time depends on the variables throughout production.  Very often, it can depend on the availability of talent and crew.  That said, if there’s a specific time table a client requires — for, say, a scheduled event, product release, etc. — we do our best to work within those parameters.

3. How long should a video be?

Generally, the shorter the better.  You want to capture an audience right away and hold their attention throughout.  In our media-filled world, it’s not uncommon for a viewer to glance down at the running time and let that determine whether or not they will actually watch the video.  Usually, viewers will watch a two-minute video versus a five-minute (or longer) one.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule.  If viewers are invested in the topic, such a s training session, they will watch a longer video.  If a project is more free-form, it’s not always a good idea to set yourself into a specific video length at the beginning, but let the project form in post-production.

Still, we’ve found that we are often able to achieve a client’s goal over a shorter duration than expected.

4. What types of videos do you produce?

As a full-service production company, DUO produces a vast range of projects and each tells a story in its own respect.  For example:

– Promotional / Marketing Videos
– Recruiting Videos

– Testimonials
– PSAs for Nonprofits
– Product Demos
– Training Videos
– Event Videos (for galas, trade shows, etc.)
– Online Ads for YouTube, Social Media, etc.

Read more about the services we offer here.

5. What can I do with my video?  How can it be distributed?

Video is an exceptionally versatile art form.  In addition to the well-known streaming services such as YouTube and Vimeo, posting videos on social media platforms — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. — boosts the visibility of your business and gains clients.  As stated in many advice columns, a strong online presence is critical in the business world and having ample video content is a great way to get create, or enhance the audience you already have.

Another effective way to showcase a video is during an event.  Conferences, galas, award ceremonies, fundraising events, etc. all provide a perfect stage for your video, especially when tailored to the specific event Read more about the advantages of event videos here.

Videos can enrich your company’s digital newsletter, and, of course, embedded on your business website.

6. I have a person with a good voice.  Can they do my VO?

A good voice is great.  A trained voice is awesome.  We work with a number of talented and experienced voice-over artists,  each who have learned to use their gift like a fine instrument.  Each of these artists have their own sound studio complete with high quality microphones and recording devices. They provide a professional read with minimal direction and limited retakes. 

Our suggestion is that unless you have a person whose voice simply has to be included in the video (e.g., they have a role in the video), let the professionals do what they do best.  You won’t be disappointed.

To see (or hear) for yourself, check out one of our favorite VO artists: Matt Baker!

7. Can we use some of our staff to play parts in the video?

Using staff to play a role in a video, even simply as background actors, can often be a poor, time consuming decision.  Trained actors take direction easily and understand what goes into creating a believable scene.  They understand the “lingo” of the set.  Untrained actors will often look lost, may continually look at the camera, and/or watch the action versus acting.  Bottom line: they are a risk, do not look convincing, and create the need for multiple takes while professional actors “raise the bar” on a production and minimize production time.

8. Can I use [fill in the name of a popular song] in my video?

Popular songs are always copyrighted and if they’re available at all, it’s a for a very expensive fee, rarely reasonable for nothing less than mega-budget projects.  Besides, a plethora of great stock music is available out there!  We can easily help you find music that duplicates the general tone of popular songs.  We use Smartsound‘s library (and sometimes PremiumBeat), which offers a tremendous selection of music at little cost (typically $50–$90 per selection).  Our clients have always been very satisfied.

9. I have never produced a video before, so what should I expect (i.e., describe the process)?

Conceive, Create, Captivate.

First, you don’t have to come into a project with specific knowledge.  DUO provides full support throughout the process.  We love what we do and enjoy sharing our experience and the process of media media production with you.  We love the journey and want you to feel that excitement as well.  We’ll help you articulate your vision and guide you through each phase: pre-production, production and post-production.  Expect professionalism, but also expect to have fun.  We work towards excellence, giving you the best product possible, so you will be “wowed” by the end result.

10. Who owns the video when it is completed?

We typically create videos under a “work for hire” agreement.  You, the client, own the completed video and all of the materials that go with it (video, audio, graphics, etc.).  We do not provide raw footage unless specific arrangements are made.

11. Can I get people to pay online to watch my video (e.g., training videos)?

Yes, but it is not a service we provide.  Paying for online video is available through services like Amazon and Netflix.  You can also set up paid access through YouTube Red and Vimeo On Demand.  We can help you establish accounts through these services. 

Have a question not listed above?  Ask!  We’d love to hear from you.
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