DUO Corner: The NOVA Teen Book Festival

DUO Corner: The NOVA Teen Book Festival

Attending book festivals has become my new favorite hobby, and the NOVA Teen Book Festival currently reigns supreme as my local favorite.  It’s the most efficiently run and offers some of the best opportunities to interact closely with authors.  “Teen” may be in the title, as most of the guest authors have penned Young Adult novels, but this event is hardly limited to any single genre or demographic. Both attendees and authors range in age and gender and the festival boasts a broad spectrum of activities; book sales and signings, Q&A breakout sessions, games, and, of course, panels.

Within the allotted time, panelists go into rich detail about their  inspiration, creative process, struggles, trade tricks, and how they cross the publication finish line.  Even if you aren’t necessarily a writer, or even a creative type, a gold mine of insight and perspective can be found here.

The event takes place at the spacious Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, Virginia and I am already eager to attend next year.

Intrigued?  Check it out!