Client Spotlight: MCS

Client Spotlight: MCS

One of the advantages to working in video production is the opportunity to explore other industries. By working with MCS Inc, we have been able to explore the world of Direct Mail; industrial printers and cameras, inserters, digital presses, inkjet and matching systems.

MCS, Inc. designs, manufactures, sells and supports the most successful inkjet imaging systems and inserter matching systems for the mailing industry. We offer stand-alone inkjet systems, in-line inkjet systems for inserters and tip-on machines, web based inkjets and matching systems using HP Technology.

In 2015, MCS reached out to DUO about producing a “Success Story” video, to highlight their equipment and software working in one of their client facilities. They wanted to work with a video production company close in proximity to their Maryland offices and facility. Our work and support sealed the deal! Thus began a working relationship that continues to date.

The videos DUO produces for MCS vary in style — product demos and interview-style promos; not many of our clients include both. We call the interview-style promos “Success Stories.” In these videos, owners and key employees from various direct mail companies across the country — all clients of MCS — provide detailed testimonials for the MCS equipment and software their company has purchased and uses on a daily basis, and for the excellent post-sales service and support MCS provides. DUO’s production team travels to these sites to capture the testimonials as well as on-location footage of the machines in action.


MCS Success Story: Johnson & Quin from DUO Media Productions on Vimeo.


DUO Media has produced over twenty-five videos for MCS, highlighting products such as the Falcon Imager, Flowmaster High-Speed Inserter, Eagle FlexPrint, Eagle AMS, Osprey UV, MailStream Direct Ultra High-Speed Inserter, and the Condor 250. These projects have provided us insight into one of the most misunderstood and deceptively complex industries. Plus, we at DUO highly value building relationships, and through these “Success Stories,” we get to meet and work with media professionals across the nation.

MCS has been in business since 1989 and sold 2000+ systems to companies in the mailing and marketing industries across North America. MCS products are all developed in-house and have their own network of support technicians nationwide for technical support as well as installation and training. Since David Loos established the company in 1989, MCS (Micro Computer Solutions, Inc.) has adopted HP technology for addressing systems and brought inkjet technology to hybrid printing in 2005. MCS systems can be adopted to barcoding and printing on offset presses, flexographic presses, and bindery equipment. 

As MCS continues to be a leader in equipment and software development, sales, installation, and support for the direct mail industry, DUO looks forward to continuing to tell the stories of their success.

For more information on MCS, visit MCSPro.com; call 800-728-0154 (US and Canada) or 301.556.5047 for International Sales.

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