DUO Brings Home 4 More Peer Awards

DUO Brings Home 4 More Peer Awards

Permit me to pat ourselves on the back for a moment. Normally on these blogs, I try to focus on the work of others, but I wanted to share with you some exciting news.  We won four TIVA Peer Awards on Saturday, November 8, 2014, and we couldn’t be more excited!

The Peer Awards are coveted awards in the Greater Washington, DC area, because they’re different than a lot of other awards.  With many organizations you send in your project and your entry fee and then you wait to receive a letter in the mail telling you whether you won or not based on a panel of  judges you know nothing about.

With the Peer Awards, you don’t wait at home. You get dressed up and head out for a lovely evening at the prestigious National Press Club right in the heart of DC. Not only is it held at a beautiful venue, but the evening contains delicious gourmet food, great networking, entertaining presenters, and of course, lots of awards. But perhaps the most unique thing about this particular awards ceremony, is that you know that each award you receive was judged by your peers, hence the name, The Peer Awards. That means that the certificate or statue you hold in your hand was put there because the people that do the same work you do, in the same part of the world you do it in, thought you deserved it. What could be better than that?

And now, without further ado, here are the awards we won with pictures to boot.


Gold Award:  NAE “Engineering for You” Public Relations/Marketing (Under $10K).
Photo of Karen above.

Silver Award:  “Apocalypse Rock” Trailer Program/Series Promo (Under $10K).
Photo of Brian at top of page. Check out our film here!

Silver Award:  Fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS Electrical Public Relations/Marketing (Under $10K).
Photo of Karen above.

Bronze Award:  NAE “Engineering for You” Promo 2D/3D Animation (Under $10K).
Photo of Brian below.