Free Climb: A 72 Fest Adventure

Free Climb: A 72 Fest Adventure

As October arrived, so did the annual Frederick 72 Film Fest.  After a wonderfully creative experience last year (with our film Sophia), we entered the film race again.  Watch our finished film below: FREE CLIMB.

We teamed up with Amanda Shafer, with whom we first worked on our Black Hills Night Hike project, Vishwas, with whom we’ve now collaborated on several Star Wipe projects (including Once Upon A Bedroom, and last year’s Sophia), and they both went the distance yet again, scaling rock faces and braving the wilderness.

They were both fantastic to work with, as always, and Amanda delivered an especially amazing performance, conveying a total sense of isolation and fear.

In fact, the performances gained Star Wipe an award for Best Acting!
We were also nominated for Best of the Fest, Best Pro Film, Best Editing, and Best Cinematography.

Check out some highlights from the production phase:

We are already so excited to see what next year’s 72 Fest has in store.

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